Reliable IT services for Business and Home

From the NIF to your Chair Mats, we do it all.

What we do

Quality, on-time technical services that help your business.


We build and maintain and support servers. Weekly, monthly or day to day operations are within our wheel house. You manage your business, we’ll handle your servers.


Microsoft, Linux or iOS, like our server services, Brown’s IT Solutions can build, maintain and support any operating system. No matter the location or circumstance.


Specializing in virtualization technology such as VMWare, Hyper-V and Dockers. We can design, implement and support technology that not only saves you money on physical hardware, but can with baked in services such as redundancy and seamless failover of your technical resources will be up 99% of the time.


Routers, switches and connectivity are another of our services. Our knowledge and expertise where networking and security concerned, you will experience improved bandwidth and connectivity.

Web Hosting

We also provide web hosting services. With our Managed Webhosting, you no long have to worry about websites being captured or held hostage by hosting providers. Brown’s IT Solution will manage your website and hosting leaving the management of your business to you.


Home or Office, we can help you with the design, implementation and support of security needs. From card reads and security fobs to cameras and surveillance devices and appliances…we will insure your piece of mind.

Quality and Service

The terms may have become cliche…but Brown’s IT Solutions honestly makes your technological needs our primary concern. Like days gone by, picture us as your parents or grand parents pictured their tv repair guy…no matter the time or day your technology will be supported.

24/7 Support

That’s right!!!! Brown’s IT Solutions offers a 24/7 support model. If your having problems during a holiday or over the weekend. We will be there resolving your issues.

Common Sense

Brown’s IT Solutions always follow industry standards. Meaning, we don’t approach your solution with bright ideas or egos. If the solution has an industry framework or process…we adhere to that verses going rouge on your time and money.


Honesty and integrity are paramount, without either our mission is absolutely null. We promise transparency throughout the process, with daily reports and touch points, you will not the left in the dark or blind-sided.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to contact us anytime.

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